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Dust suppression

The fine and coarse particles of an unpaved road work together to create a strong, smooth road.  When fine particles in the upper layer of the road are lost as dust, the unpaved road breaks down, resulting in rutting, wash boarding and other undesirable conditions. Not only do these conditions lower safety, but the dust itself causes poor visibility and safety issues. In addition, for those who live or work along the road, dust is a serious threat to their health.

By binding the fine particles and stabilizing them in the upper layer, Dustex creates a safe unpaved road that requires less maintenance and, therefore, saves money.

Not only is Dustex an effective binder, it is sustainable and environmentally friendly.  Dustex is used for a variety of dirt and gravel surfaces including, municipal roads, driveways, parking lots, bicycle lanes, trails, arenas, construction sites, quarry roads and mine roads.


  • Not dangerous to animals and humans
  • Does not contain allergens
  • Does not irritate the skin or eyes
  • Does not negatively impact vegetation
  • It decomposes naturally
  • It does not generate harmful products in its decomposition