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Full depth reclamation

By adding DUSTEX to the to top 6-10 in (15-25 cm) of the road base, the load bearing capacity and stability of the base is increased significantly.  In many cases, it is achieved without the addition of new gravel. The base will withstand greater stress and the degradation of the overlying hard surface will be minimized.

Borregaard, the Roads Directorate and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration have worked together to use DUSTEX on several projects with excellent results.

DUSTEX is used on forest roads as well.  Mild and humid winters, among other things, can hinder the transport of wood on these roads. Applying DUSTEX to the top 6-10 in (15-25 cm) of the road creates a higher load capacity and more efficient wood transport.

The integration of DUSTEX into the soil is most effectively accomplished using asphalt grinding equipment, but other equipment can be used as needed.