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Dust suppression

The road should be at optimal moisture when treated with DUSTEX.  Too dry and the product will sit on the surface.  Too wet and the product could run off.  Either condition limits product penetration.

1. Ideally, the road would first be scarified in order to break up the road surface and facilitate the penetration of DUSTEX deeper into the road. 

2. The following quantities of DUSTEX are recommended:

  • Road up to 4 m width: 2.3 t (1850 l) per km
  • Road up to 5 m width: 2.9 t (2300 l) per km
  • Road up to 6 m width: 3.4 t (2700 l) per km

3. For application on the road, dilute the above-mentioned amounts of DUSTEX with water at a ratio of 1:2.

To obtain the best result, an analysis of the existing soil, its typology, its actual humidity, the optimum humidity and the particle size distribution are recommended. Very dry roads should be watered before the application of DUSTEX to improve its penetration into the surface layer.