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Full depth reclamation and stabilization

Stabilization of soils in-depth and in-situ

Recommended soil milling depth: 6-10 in (15-25 cm).

  1. Examine the road surface and determine if it is necessary to add gravel to improve its characteristics. Milling must be done while the road is not too wet when DUSTEX is added.
  2. Before applying DUSTEX, level the road with a grader and create a small berm along the edges. This helps to retain DUSTEX on the road surface.
  3. Apply the DUSTEX concentrate at the recommended rate of 1.25 gal per yd2  (5-6 liters per m2) for a milling depth of 6-10 in (15-25 cm). After application of DUSTEX, milling should occur as soon as possible to facilitate even mixing.
  4. Shape and level the road with a grader.  Maintaining the thickness of the stabilized layer across the width and length of the road. Then compact with light vibration.
  5. Finally, apply a thin layer of DUSTEX diluted with water at a ratio of 1:2.

If asphalt is to be applied following stabilization, this should be done only after allowing time for the drying and curing of the DUSTEX stabilized soil.